Will the development encroach onto green space, or green belt land?

No, Guild Living has purchased and will redevelop the (brownfield) site currently occupied by the Homebase on New Zealand Avenue, Walton-on-Thames. This site is next to Ashley Park, and our outward-facing community will involve opening up access to the park by providing good public connectivity through the site. It will also include 2.52 acres of landscaped, publicly-open space within the site itself.

Walton sketch


Will the site be open to the wider public?

Yes, our proposal for Walton-on-Thames is to create a deliver residential (extra-care) development, alongside commercial and leisure uses – including a wellness centre, and a bar and restaurant. By designing outward-facing schemes that mix housing with education, healthcare and leisure facilities, we are able to our community archives true intergenerational living that benefits the whole local area.


What are the specifications of the proposed development?

Our proposal for Walton-on-Thames will comprise the following units:

Approx. 218 later living units

Wellness centre (incl. therapy and treatment rooms)





Craft room


Vehicle and cycle parking

For more details, see ‘Our Plans‘ page.

What benefits will it bring to the wider local area?

The proposed regeneration of the site is considered to fulfil the objectives of building on brownfield sites, optimising density, whilst making a meaningful contribution towards the Council’s annual housing targets. The site’s regeneration will also encourage freeing up family homes in the borough, as older residents downsize.


Where is the proposed development located?

The site of the Homebase on New Zealand Avenue has been purchased by Guild Living for the proposed redevelopment. For more details, see ‘Our Plans‘ page.